What Does the Bible Say…

Led By Greg Linville      
Tuesday, 3:30pm

Location: Room 3 C/D

Description:  Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about: same gender marriage; transgenderism; homo-sexuality; gender and leadership; what defines gender etc.?  This seminar will outline two books: What the Bible says and doesn’t say about homo-sexuality by Mel White and What the Bible really says about homo-sexuality by Kevin DeYoung and then offer a Biblical perspective on these topics.  It will address current situations SR&F Outreach Ministers face such as: a) Legally married homosexuals who register to play in a couple’s volleyball league; b) addressing parents of an 8 year child who are upset their child was placed in a “boys” or “girls” league when their child hasn’t chosen their gender yet; and/or c) complications from a transgendered woman who desires to play in the woman’s softball league.  This seminar is offered in preparation for Day 3’s Wrestling at REACH.


Track: Academic, Special Interest, Theological Foundations