Putting the Church Back in the Game: The Ecclesiology of Sports Outreach

Led By Greg Linville
Tuesday, 1:45pm

Location: Room 3 C/D

Description:  Have you ever wondered about the difference between a local church sports ministry and the ministry of groups like FCA; AIA and others…and the role such groups play in reaching those far from Christ and His Church?  Have you ever wished your local church SR&F Outreach Ministry could do a better job at Making Disciples?  Are you currently perplexed by the current social shifts in defining and dealing with gender and human sexuality and the sensitive issues this raises for your ministry? This Keynote address will provide a theological basis for envisioning a Strategically-Relevant and Efficiently-Effective local church SR&F Outreach Ministry and will address how a theology of The Church (Ecclesiology) lays the foundation for these and many others issues SR& F Outreach Ministers confront.  This Keynote begins the discussion that will culminate on Day #3’s “Wrestling at Reach.” 


Track: Academic, Theological Foundations