When Ministry Gets Messy...Navigating the Gender Issues

Led By Vickie Byler

Wednesday, 10:45am

Location:  Room 3 C/D

Description: The Church and Christian organizations are being criticized for not being open, tolerant and even affirming to those who are sexually broken, particular those who are struggling with their sexual orientation or their gender identity. Despite the fact that this population of people is small their voice is strong. Sometimes the response from the Church has not helped further the cause of Christ but rather been a barrier. Sport and Recreation programs are often the starting point of the attacks on these issues. This session will follow the session that has set the foundation for the theology surrounding the issues and look at the research on the topic, take a practical look at how the church can address issues of policies and procedures to protect their organization but also how the church can respond in a way that we can disagree theologically and culturally, have a strong foundation on what the Bible teaches but yet develop relationships with people, really embrace that "everyone is welcome" in our churches, take the time to hear their story and have the courage and patience to walk the journey with them as messy as it may be.


Track: Theological Foundations