Missional Sports Communities-Making the Church Relevant Again

Led By CSRM International Director

Wednesday, 1:15pm

Location: Room 4 B

Description:  The fact is, more and more people are not attending, and there is a growing dissatisfaction with church. On top of this, those who know Jesus are not making disciples or sharing their faith. It is too scary or intimidating. In this day and age when the distance between the church and the world is growing larger, God still has a plan for His Church. So how can The Church become relevant again? Consider that sports, recreation, and fitness are the greatest tools that God has given us to reach this generation with the gospel to fulfill The Great Commission. It is a way to share your life with neighbors, colleagues, friends, family, and even people of other religions in the most closed and difficult countries. It is the practical tool that allows people to comfortably build relationships with others to build community. Now, instead of just expecting people to COME to accept Jesus, The Church must meet them in their own sports, recreation, and fitness environments. The Church must GO to them and stop expecting them to come through its doors. Sports, recreation, and fitness provides the tool to truly become missional. The answer for The Church to become relevant again... start planting Missional Sports Communities. Come learn about this exciting strategy that is working in other parts of the world and is now coming to the US!!


Track: International