Local Church Ministry…The Tail that Serves the Dog

Led By Donny Varney

Wednesday, 3:00pm

Location: Room 4 B

Description:  Do you struggle to find ways to get the entire church to rally around your Sports Ministry? Do you find it difficult to get other staff members or key ministries to invest their time and resources into your Sports Ministry? Do you have a frustrated vision for what your Sports Ministry could look like if every key volunteer role was filled with people from your church? Do you believe that your Sports Ministry could grow the church if only the executive leadership could see what you see? This presentation will give some practical and proven strategies on how to better integrate your Sports Ministry into the life of the church (and vise versa). It can be very easy for church leadership to see Sports Ministry as "the tail that wags the dog". This presentation will potentially free us to influence this typical "wag" mindset by rethinking our role in Sports Ministry.


Track: A&O